What do I need to make a MOMOT?
Only glue is needed to make the toys.

What’s included in with your MOMOT?
You get the paper toy character and a paper display box.

Tips on building a MOMOT?
We recommend that you gently remove the paper pieces from the stencil first.
When attempting to do each body part, firstly make all the folds required and then follow the numbering of tab whilst applying the glue.
Once all individual parts have been successfully made, you then begin gluing all the part together to form your Momot Character.

Best type of glue to use?
We recommend any PVA craft glue or tacky glue.

How to remove the paper stencils?
The edges of the pieces have perforated edges so it can be easily removed from the paper stencil. However, we still recommend that you take care and be gentle whilst pulling off the pieces so that it doesn’t rip.

Recommended age?
This product is best suited for children and adults aged 12 and above.

Do you need an account to buy?
No, you do not need an account to purchase from our site. However, creating an account will be make it more convenient for future purchases.

Dimensions of the MOMOT and the display case?
Paper Toy: 13cm
Display Box: 18.5cm